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CPR, First Aid and Combo Workbooks

The CPR section includes training in adult, child and infant CPR, choking emergencies, heart attack, stroke, blood borne pathogens, use of barrier devices and more. The First Aid section includes training in splintin, bleeding control, shock, as well as many other emergency situations encountered by rescuers every day. The combo workbook combines both CPR and First Aid.

FA/44D - EMS FIRST AID and CPR BOOK (60Pages)

FA/44E - EMS CPR BOOK (28Pages)


book-arc II

red cross first aid & emergency

preparedness book

Red Cross First Aid And Emergency Preparedness Book - 80 pages of First Aid Instructions with a whole chapter dedicated to emergency preparedness. Book measures 8" x 4"

weight 5.2 oz






This award winning DVD helps you and your family prepare for any type of disaster form hurricanes to a pandemic. It covers topics such as Water, Disaster Plan, Safety, Pets, Terrorism, Shelter/Evacuate and much more. Share this with your family and friends.


Your Survival Book and DVD

This is the best disaster preparedness book we have ever seen. This 160 page book comes with a 90 minute (very informative) DVD. It covers - Before the Disaster Strikes - During an Emergency - After the Crisis. In addition you will receive an access key to with up to the minute crisis information. All in all this is an exceptional source of information at a very reasonable price.


Book-2 – 26 page Disaster Preparedness & Awareness Guide

Very detailed guide. Covers Key Documents, Family Disaster Plan, Home Checklist, Sanitation, Medical Alternatives, Neighboorhood Worksheet, Auto Survival and More


Book-3 SAS Survival Guide

This pock Guide has 384 pages of how to survive in the wild in any climate on land or at sea. This 5" x 3" book covers First Aid, Plants for Food, Building Shelter, Hunting and Trapping, Disaster Preparedness and many other topics.

Weight 7.7 oz


Spanish/English First Aid essentials

86 pages of first aid instructions in English on one side of the book - flip the book over and you have 90 pages of first aid instructions on the other side.

Weight 4.5 oz

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