toilets & chemicals

Model # Description




Bio-Blue Toilet Chemicals

Pack of 12-Dry powder toilet deodorant with fresh scent in pre-measured pouches. No mess self-dissolving pouch. 100% safe for all plumbing.


weight 8 oz

Bio-Green Toilet Chemicals

Pack of 12-Dry powder blend of natural enzymes in pre-measured pouches. Digester Dissolvant. No mess self-dissolving pouch.100% safe for all plumbing.

weight 8 oz

T-5 Toilet Chemicals

Non-Formaldehyde - 100% Biodergradable. Toilet Deodorant for recirculationg toilets & holding tanks.

weight 3 oz




Folding Portable Toilet

The folding portable toilet (PP11) has heavy-duty tubular steel legs that support up to 200 lbs. It folds completely and includes toilet seat and 6 plastic liners.




weight 3 lbs


Rest Stop 2

Disposal Travel Toilet - Comes with Disposal Foil Bag,
Chemicals, Toilet Paper and Antiseptic Wipes. Easy to use, for men, women, and children. Spill-proof, trash container safe. Ideal for hiking, fishing, boating, truckers, camping, and car trips.
Size:9 1/2" x 7"


Weight 2.5 ounce


Childs Port A Potty


Perfect height (10") for the little ones (2+ years old). Great for camping,
potty training,emergencys, small and light enough to take anywhere.

Weight 3.5 lbs


(Honey Bucket) Port-A-Pottie

The Honey Bucket (Port-A-Pottie) is a crush resistant 5 gallon bucket and has a durable carrying handle with toilet seat and lid. When not in use, you can use this item to store other emergency supplies.



weight 3 lbs


55 piece Sanitation Kit for Portable Toilet Kit

Kit Includes:

1 -Roll General Use Toilet Paper
1 - 12 pack of Toilet Liners
1 - 12 Pack of Bio Green Toilet Chemicals
6 - Pocket Tissue
12 - Antiseptic Toweletts
1 - 33 gal. Trash Bag with "Human Waste" Hang Tag
1 - 10 pack of Toilet Seat Covers
1 - Pair of Vinyl Gloves

weight 2 lbs


Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Seat Covers- 10 pack. Biodegradable.



weight 1.7 oz


(Honey Bucket) Port-A-Pottie Lid

A folding portable toilet lid for the (Honey Bucket) Port-A-Pottie.




weight 14 oz


Toilet Bags

Pack of 12 (For PP11 & PP33)




weight 8 oz


Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Soft, strong, and absorbent. 2 rolls Single ply sheets , approximately 99 sheets per roll.




weight 3 oz

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