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The threat of major disaster is more evident than ever. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem! Do you have confidence in yourself and others to react responsibly to put out fires, tend to the wounded, properly evacuate and basically have CONTROL of the situation?

Our HIGH INTENSITY workshop offers 4½ hours of teaching not just what to do, but how to do it. The informational dialog given by our in-house instructor is accompanied by 125 slides and a terrific Workbook. He will also have you out of your seats as he creates an actual disaster scenario in one of your rooms, dresses you up in search and rescue gear, and shows you the do's and don'ts of disaster survival and team work.

The 4½ hour workshop will include:
Awareness & Disaster Preparedness

We will cover such subjects as - What is a Disaster?; Laws Protecting Disaster Workers and Volunteers; Disruption of the Infrastructure; Structural and Non-Structural Hazards, Water, Sanitation, and Food Issues; How to Prepare Your Home, Auto, and Workplace.

Fire Suppression & Hazardous Materials:

This is a comprehensive lesson in the use of a fire extinguisher and fire hose. The right way to gain entrance; How to protect you and your BUDDIE; What does "SIZE UP" really mean? How to know your environment and the development of a smart team.

Disaster Medical I & II:

A major disaster will overwhelm all medical personnel and hospitals within minutes. It will be left up to you to attend to yourself and others around you. Which ones do you help first and how you will be taught the S.T.A.R.T. System used by military, firemen and paramedics. S.T.A.R.T. stands for "Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment. You will be taught How to create an airway, control bleeding, treat for shock and mass fatality management. What to do with the victim after they have been evacuated, what is a head-to-toe evaluation and how to handle the various needs of the injured.

Light Search & Rescue:

"YOU ARE ON A MISSION" - it's mid-morning. A major disaster has just occurred. What are you going to do after you see that you are okay? How many are trapped and where? What is the first course of action? How can you be most effective to help save lives and help the injured? You will learn damage assessment; the significance of time of day, day of week, and weather condition and how they play significant roles. Evacuation, lifting techniques, methods of transportation of victims, staying focused, team work, and how to error on the side of safety at all times.

Disaster Psychology & Team Organization:

Prepares you for the emotional environment you will be confronted with. We will be stressing the need for team work (you & your BUDDY), organization (how to create a management team at work or in your neighborhood) and logistical planning (how to set up an Incident Command System). We will also be showing you how to help children and adults cope with a disaster, how to reorganize and treat signs of trauma.

Certificate of Completion Available upon Request
References and Course Outline Available Upon Request

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